My Story…

Who I Am: Monique (Nick-Name: Moe)

Wife, Mother of 3 beautiful and sweet children (on most days LOL!), Daughter & Sister. I am a middle child of a large Catholic family. I have lived most of my life in the wonderful state of Oregon. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and now live in the heart of the Willamette Valley.

After graduating college in Oregon (Go Beavs!) I set off to follow my dreams to be an elementary teacher. I am not sure if I found the grand state of Texas or Texas found me. I was interviewed by a small rural community school district… As luck and faith would have it I was hired and living my dreams while learning to live in a much different culture than where I grew up. I taught for 7 years and loved every minute of it. During that time I met my husband, married and taught wonderful inquisitive minds. Then, as with all of us, an unfortunate event changed my life: September 11, 2001. My husband and I had been trying for two years to have a baby. After that horrible September day all thoughts of our wants and needs were superseded by the needs of our country. My husband signed up for the Army Reserves. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our first child.

My husband is no longer in the Army Reserves, he is no longer overseas, we no longer reside in Texas, I am no longer acting as a single parent, I am no longer an educator in the public school sense, but I am a stay at home mom and our family has grown from just my husband and me with the additions of two daughters (15 months apart) and a son.

ALL ABOUT MoeTivated by M.M.E.M

I strive to be a lifelong learner. I am amazed, as my children grow, how much more there is to learn. I am here to share our daily lives as well as give information that can help, inspire, or amaze you while spending time with your children.

In DON’T BLINK, I post activities, thoughts of the day and photos of our family as life speeds by …

By clicking on POPCORN IN THE PAN you will find me cooking my way through cookbooks and making recipes created just for when your kiddos are in the kitchen with you.

In PHOTOGRAPHY, you will find photography assignments for you and your kiddos to do together. This will allow your kiddos a chance to showcase their work and get ideas from others as well.

In my GREAT READS section I give reviews, ideas, and club information for children’s books.

The SERVICE LEARNING section gives information on the old, the new, and the fantastic ways to help your child grow while helping their community.

In PARENT AND ME, I suggest ways you and each of your children (Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me) can have special times together. Having multiple children makes individual bonding time difficult, especially as they grow older. Even your tween and teenager needs special individual time with each parent.

And the I WONDER WHY section is saved for the cool and exciting times when your child asks those questions you either are unable to answer, need some more scientific reason or you want to share new information with them to get them excited about a given subject. Occasionally I will have trivia quizzes, brain teasers, analogy fun, and even a special quote, word, or uplifting phrase of the day.

I hope you enjoy this site and all that it has to offer you and your family. Thank you so much for stopping by.

If you ever want to contact me please don’t hesitate to email me at: moetivated7@gmail.com